Here is a list of website that we feel could be helpful to you & your family:

Information on Autism News + Family education
Parent guide to IEP’s
Council for Exceptional Children
Dr. Vincent Carbone’s website
Family resource guide for children with special needs.
Information for families with children with special needs

Law pertaining only to Autism.
U.S. Department of Education website
Legal listings for California and other states.
Legal rights for families with children with special needs.
Legal info search page

Federal Protection and Advocacy Legal System for Individuals with Disabilities

Tools and resources for working with children with learning disabilities.
Literature on Autism and Aspergers
Explanation of common terms
Sells books and tools on children with Aspergers and Autism.
UCSD site with information on Lovaas and Koegel.
Reading material on research and medicine

Toys for children with a variety of disabilities.

Parent-run company whose products include Flash! Pro2 CD-ROM with 10,000 printable common flashcard images.
Online Autism treatment evaluation checklist
Communication Works are a group of therapists who provide services to those with speech, language and social difficulties.
Picture Exchange Communication System
Speech delay resources
Carol Gray website on social stories

Autism, Aspergers, and PDD
Non verbal learning disorders information
The National Fragile X Foundation
Special ed. resources for parents and professionals.
Apraxia information page
Support for children and adults with ADD & ADHD
Association for behavioral Analysis
The California Association for Behavior Analysis sponsor the top regional conference on behavior analysis in the United States.
auditory processing Disorders
Jason Wallin’s website on ABA and other areas related to Autism.
The National Autism Center is a new nonprofit organization dedicated to supporting effective, evidence-based treatment approaches, and to providing direction to families, practitioners, organizations, policy-makers, and funders.
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