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At Behavior Keys we provide individualized and family therapy services to assist children in improving their social, communication, and learning skills. Our methodology is firmly rooted in the science of behavior and our outcomes are measured to give parents a clear picture of the progress their child is making. We do not feel the disability should define the child or their family. Our services include:
Comprehensive ABA Treatment Program Development for children with ASD and other developmental disorders
The ABA treatment program includes all supervision and therapy services required to implement an intensive one-to-one (1:1) ABA (Applied Behavior Analysis) program.
Supervision Services:
Therapy Services
Intensive one-to-one (1:1) Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) therapy in home and school settings with:
Consulting and Training
Behavior Keys will develop a treatment program for an individual child and train school or daycare staff. As consultants, we provide regular ongoing support to school or daycare staff to assist them to implement programs and provide consistency for the child.
Parent Training
Each child is different and unfortunately children do not come with their own unique instruction manual. The entire family unit can be adversely affected due to one child's behavior. Behavior Keys will offer parental training and evaluation to help each family function to their maximum potential.
Social Skills Programs
Many individuals with ASD and behavior disorders indeed desire social interaction, however, these individuals typically lack the necessary skills to interact effectively. Behavior Keys has programs to develop your child's social language and interaction skills as well as teaching methods to understand social rules and their contexts.
Functional Life Skills Training
Behavior Keys can assist children in developing adaptive skills (toilet training, dressing, hygiene, and household chores). For our older children, we can assist in teaching basic finance and life skills.
Speech Therapy
Communication is a necessary foundation for meeting our needs and interacting with others. By unlocking your child’s potential to communicate and interact effectively, you can reduce frustration, improve ability for successful learning and improve overall quality of life. Behavior Keys speech language pathologists are licensed in the state of Texas as well as nationally certified by the American Speech Language and Hearing Association. In addition to having experience specifically with treating children, they hold various additional training/certification in their areas of specialty. These include PROMPT training, social skills intervention training, and specialized training in play-based interventions. We believe that every child is unique. Therefore, we individualize treatment plans and methods to fit each patient’s needs and specific learning styles.
Feeding Therapy
Appropriate nutritional intake is important to physical as well as cognitive development in children. In addition to nutrition, eating is embedded in many daily social situations. Behavior Keys speech-language pathologists and/or occupational therapists address each child’s individual feeding/swallowing deficits including:
Occupational Therapy
Occupational therapy is client-centered, therefore, the primarily goal for our occupational therapists is to achieve optimum functioning and to meet goals set by the family and child. We will address fine/gross motor needs including: sequencing for motor planning, eye- hand coordination, visual perception, auditory/sensory-processing, handwriting, and activities of daily living training and/or modifications to assist in the family, home, and community. These goals will be accomplished within occupational therapy sessions full of fun and enjoyable activities. Every child is different; therefore, each treatment session will be tailored by an NBCOT certified and stated licensed therapist to fit the individual needs of your child.
Counseling Services
Behavior Keys now offers counseling services! Through counseling, we can improve the quality of life of children, adolescents, adults, and families. In addition to several traditional therapy techniques, our therapist is significantly experienced in the field of Autism and Applied Behavior Analysis. We strive to empower individuals and families to create a life of hope and 
Counseling Services offered:
Anger Management
Adjustment Difficulties
Communication and Coping Skills
Mood Disorders
Relationship Issues
Stress Management
Issues related to Autism including sibling and parent support
Social Skills
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